NewtVerse Timeline

61 - Shattered Veil (Free to read online)

When Myrddin embarks on a supernatural journey, he unravels the secrets of a world that was never meant to intersect with his own.

526 - The Iron Door (Free to read online)

Giovanni strives to save his wife's soul from hell by any means necessary.

1195 - The Green Man (Free to read online)

In the depths of the ancient Sherwood Forest, two outlaw brothers find the sheriff's men pursuing them are the least of their problems as the forest turns quiet.

1197 - Hunted (Available to purchase online)

In a dark and unforgiving forest, Robin faces off against the ruthless Sir Guy of Gisbourne. As the body count rises, a fierce hound emerges as an unlikely hero.

(This is the same story as The Two Leg Brother but is told from the POV of Robin.)

1197 - The Two Leg Brother (Free to read online)

In a world of betrayal and bloodshed, GreyHair, the last of his pack, seeks to escape the shiny two-legs who murdered his family.

(This is the same story as Hunted but is told from the POV of GreyHair.)

1518 - The Diadem of Kings (Free to read online)

In the treacherous jungle, José seeks redemption and lost gold to reclaim his birthright. Led by Puzo, a mysterious native, they uncover an ancient pyramid teeming with supernatural dangers.

1747 – The Grimsdyke Ghouls (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

In the 16th century, a family kicked out of their homes in Grimsdyke found a new and murderous way to survive.

1818 - The Ballad of Barnacle Bill (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 2)

In a desperate quest to reunite with his deceased son, a grieving father will do anything, no matter the cost, to bring him back.

1832 - The Horror at Hargrave Hall (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 2)

Deep in the Yorkshire countryside, the ancestral hall of the Hargrave family hides a dark secret.

1864 – Smoke in the Sewers (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

In 18th century London, a group of street urchins strive to escape their master. But in doing so they unleash a greater horror.

1958 – The Black Fog (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

When the black fog rolls in, death follows. In 1950‘s Grimsdyke, two lovers encounter a horror unlike any other.

1961 – A Rose By Any Other Name (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

A bank robber hiding from the law, Dennis commits a heinous crime. Soon, he’ll learn to regret his actions.

1991 - Trev Rides Forth (Free to read online)

When a group of juvenile delinquents raid an antique record store, they unleash a deadly curse.

1993 - The Power Within (Free to read online)

A tale of family, retribution and murderous dachshunds.

1998 - The Wine Cellar (Free to read online)

A new life awaits the happy couple. But freedom comes with deadly consequences.

2008 – Rock Bottom (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

Aussie backpackers come face to face with primal adversaries in the cold peaks of Nepal.

2012 – The Platinum Service (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

When you have great wealth, you can buy your way out of most things. But sometimes, actions bring unexpected consequences.

2013 – Festival of the Damned (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

Four teenagers are hired to perform at a country fair, but they soon realise that they were each chosen for a very specific reason.

2013 – The Sinful Child (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

Held captive in her father’s basement, Amelia struggles to escape. But reality isn’t always what it appears to be and soon she will learn an earth shattering secret.

2015 - The Enigmatic Skeleton (Free to read online)

The mysterious contents of an Anglo-Saxon museum incur an investigation with deadly consequences.

2017 - Nestor Lynch (Nestor Lynch)

Death, love and revenge stalk teenage prodigies Nestor Lynch and Erika Byrne. Together, they face mysterious assailants, treachery, and an ancient mystery that someone considers worth killing for.

2018 – Terror from the Trash (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

Climate change is a very real threat to the world, but scientists find new perils as something long thought to be dead, awakens.

2018 - The Morrígan (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 2)

The blissful life of two young lovers is shattered when tragedy exposes a terrifying family secret.

2020 – The Tattoo (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

A hitchhiker and a lorry driver exchange tales on the road. Soon, they realise that neither of them is who they claim to be.

2020 – The Tokoloshe (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

In South Africa, there is a demonic entity that can make wishes come true, but the consequences cannot always be predicted.

2021 - The Coconut Killer (Free to read online)

Coming out is a terrifying experience, but for Sam, it is murder.

2022 – The Heir Apparent (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

Keen to support his parents’ failing farm, Keith asks his wealthy cousins for a position in the family firm. As he becomes more and more entrenched in the business, he discovers that limitless ambition can be murderous.

2022 – The Wrong Crowd (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

Tim just wanted to apologise to his girlfriend, but he soon finds himself in peril when he realises he has accidentally joined a very exclusive and deadly club.

2023 - 12 Minutes (Free to read online)

A text message arrives, triggering a terrifying countdown.

2024 – The Black Box (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

Waking up from a coma after a severe accident, Jack finds it is always better to read the small print when offering your body to medical science.

2028 - Welcome to Paradise (Free to read online)

Paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

2348 – The Illusive Passenger (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

In the distant future, a freighter captain picks up a most unusual cargo.

2518 – The Ghouls of Bangalore (Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1)

In outer space, greed and narcism still plague humanity. An engineer whose life is at its nadir learns a terrifying secret.