Newton’s Tales of the Macabre
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PF-002: The Road Revenant by Newton Webb

PF-002: The Road Revenant by Newton Webb

A Supernatural Horror Short Story: After a drunken David hits a pedestrian while trying to seduce Mia, their already bad night takes a deadly turn when their victim inexplicably refuses to stay dead.

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Newton’s Tales of the Macabre
Phantom Frequencies, FREE horror audiobooks.
Welcome to "Phantom Frequencies," the podcast where your worst nightmares are only the tip of the iceberg. Here, we feast on the twisted tales penned by none other than Newton Webb, a man whose imagination is so unsettling, it makes a serial killer's diary look like a Disney movie.
Allow me to wet your whistle with what's coming:
* A seventeenth-century girl’s family is exiled from town because her father committed an unspeakable crime. When they can’t survive in the wilderness on their own, can she outlast murder and cannibalism with her morality intact?
* A sinister black fog rolls in from the ocean. When those taken by the sea return with it, can a man withstand his dead mother’s wrath?
* She’s bound tightly to a chair. Her father inexplicably tortures her. When the truth is revealed, will either of them live to tell the tale?
Ah, I see I've got your attention now.
This is a vault of terror is guaranteed to tickle your fear bone and shred your sense of security.
Newton Webb doesn’t just make your skin crawl; he rips it off and dances in it. If you enjoy having your soul curdled and your dreams invaded, then strap in. You're in for a hell of a ride, and trust me, there's no emergency exit.
So turn off the lights, lock your doors (not that it'll help), and pump up the volume. Welcome to the crypt of "Phantom Frequencies," where each episode promises a descent into dread. How many episodes can you survive before you break? Only one way to find out.
Sweet screams, listeners.