• Newton Webb

My Name is Janet // Flash Fiction // Completed

Updated: Feb 1

"I am calling to inform you that a grievous error has taken place." A disembodied woman's voice said down the line. "My name is Janet; I work in the filing and copying division of MI5."

Those were the words that ended my life as I'd previously known it. I muttered something — a vague greeting. But I was waiting for her to continue.

"I will be brief. We have officers coming to pick you up now. Your details were accidentally entered on a list of active agents. A copy-paste error I'm afraid. It would have been of little consequence, but we were hacked earlier today, and all our active agents are being recalled."

A clerical error. She spoke softly, but it was all so matter of fact. "This is a windup, right? I work in a cash and carry" I said.

"Your life relies on you believing me. Do not open your door to anyone. Not even friends, family or neighbours unless they remind you of what you did at your nieces sixth birthday." She said.

"What-" I started.

"Do not say it. This is not a secure line. You know what you did. We know what you did. Do not text, phone or speak to anyone until we arrive. Switch off your mobile phone and ignore your landline. Help is on its way." She said.

"Am I in danger?" I asked.

"Not if you follow my instructions." She said.

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