Should Get A Dog by Newton Webb

Updated: Apr 9

"Urgh, look at them." Jess pointed at the young couple kissing on the park bench.

Todd laughed. He mimicked poking her in the ribs, making her squeal and dance to one side. "Feeling jealous?"

Jess sniffed contemptuously. "Not at all. I've got it on tap."

Todd walked alongside her under a bank of elm trees. The leaves were turning, and their feet crunched through heaps of dry foliage. A dog ran past them, almost tripping them in its haste to investigate the signs of woodland life.

"We should get one," Jess said.

"A tree?" Todd said.

Jess scowled at him. "Sod off." She paused. "A dog. We could call him Lizzy. After Lizzy Borden."

"A serial killer dog? I'm in," Todd said. He ferreted around in his pockets but came up empty. "I suppose we could always train him to get us snacks from the cash and carry."

Jess pulled out a chocolate bar from her pocket and handed it to him. When Todd didn't take it, she turned to look and realised where she was. She'd emerged in the cemetery.

"Oh," she said, her mind coming back into focus. She gently put the chocolate bar on the grave in front of her.

Through the rustling of the leaves she heard, “Cheers Jess.”

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