Free Horror Stories

Free horror stories written by Newton Webb.

Heavy metal horror short story: When a group of juvenile delinquents raid an antique record store, they unleash a deadly curse.
Horror short story: A new life awaits the happy couple. But freedom comes with deadly consequences.
A murderous piece of horror flash fiction: The mysterious contents of an Anglo-Saxon museum incur an investigation with deadly consequences.
526 AD, Antioch, Syria. A supernatural, horror short story. Giovanni strives to save his wife's soul from Hell by any means necessary.
Friday, July 2nd 2021 The Coconut Club was the social highlight of the school. It was housed in a squat, cement building which had faded, over the…
1081, the Garthian Moors,on the border with Thann Dead soldiers littered the field. Corpses mingling with the dying. The crow-like forms of the camp…
The shiny two-legs pursued him through the thick woods. They had murdered his pack’s two-leg master. Greyhair was the only survivor. He had barely…
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