Newton’s Tales of the Macabre
Newton's Macabre Tales
S01E27 The Sinful Child

S01E27 The Sinful Child

A Ghoulish Horror Short Story

Amelia wakes up confused. She is tied up in the basement with a splitting headache and no memory of how she got there. Her last memory is drinking with friends, then watching YouTube in bed.

Now, she can hear the heavy footsteps of her father as he descends. Coldly, he promises to fix her.

What does he mean? Where are her mother or her brother?

When she discovers the truth, will it save her or break her?

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Newton’s Tales of the Macabre
Newton's Macabre Tales
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Fear of darkness, both literal when we huddled in caves to ward off the night, and psychological where we battled the demons in our very own souls, has enthralled readers around the globe.
These tales of terror, death, madness, and the paranormal allow us to embrace these fears. Narrated by the horror author Newton Webb, these podcasts give us the latest technology to showcase a new breed of terror.
Whether over a coffee or during a commute Newton Webb promises to deliver exquisitely disturbing nightmares that gaze without flinching into the abyss—and linger in the mind long after.
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